An Abundance of Kisses

  • The in-love kiss: Soft, sweet, fragile, slow
  • The shy kiss: quick, soft, small
  • The are-we-friends-or-lovers kiss: happens between friends who like each other, soft but desperate, quick but intense, usually not expected
  • The sympathy kiss: usually one-sided, quick, sad
  • Not-on-the-lips kisses: forehead kisses, cheek kisses, hand kisses, butterfly kisses, head kisses
  • The I'm-not-sure-if-I-should-but-I-want-to kiss: staggered, half open eyes, surprise
  • The I-feel-nothing-kiss: staggered, no movement, no touches, eyes open, sometimes one sided
  • The awkward first kiss: nose bumps, quick, shy, soft, awkward, bumping
  • The desperate kiss: slow, intense, passionate, depressing, hard
  • The fuck-me kiss: Hard, fast, lots of tongue
  • The I-really-think-you're-beautiful kiss: soft, slow, hands holding face, smiling
  • The I'm-comfortable-with-you kiss: Smiles, laughs, slow, familiar, real, full of love